Zechariah 8:1-8
                                                                                Father’s promise
Father’s promise here is to dwell with his people once again in the City of David.  That promise today is to dwell in the hearts of men.  Father was promising through Zechariah that he would restore his people to the city he had built for them and that he would once again dwell among them.   The promise to each and every one of us is this. Father will rebuild our lives and he will dwell within us because of the sacrifice he made sending his Son the Christ to cleanse our hearts, minds, and souls.  With Father dwelling within us we are all given platforms which he uses to reach out to more people.  Sometimes he uses people in situation one would think he would want to just deliver them from as an outreach to other people.  Yesterday in church Mickey Robinson was the teacher.  This man has a call on his life to reach people.  There was a couple that had come; she was in a wheel chair. My perception was a stroke victim or something along those lines.  During the service I felt I needed to walk to the back of the church.  I was directed to speak a word to her.  That word was platform.  That because of where she is now Father will use her to touch many people around her. But she has to be willing to be used in the place where she is at now.   That raises a question each and every one of us must deal with every day. What platform has Father placed us on through the Son by the Spirit to reach those around us?  Now is not the time to doubt our abilities, or to think I can’t do that.  Now is the time to take steps forward in Christ to keep moving forward in a way that he is directing for his Glory.   We are not given permission to quit.   Father wants to use us to rebuild the hearts of those he brings us in contact with.   Remember the enemy always throws his best punch before our Father wipes him out.  Our Father does not quit. Don’t you even think of quitting?  Keep walking forward, you will see victory.
Go in peace