1Peter 1:22-25
                We purify our souls by obeying the truth.  The question may come to mind;” I thought we were purified in Christ?”  Exactly, Jesus the Christ said I am the way the truth and the life.  We are purified when we obey the truth (Christ).  We are called to have relationship with the brethren with a pure heart.   The enemy is going to use all sorts of tricks to try to get us off track; he is going to use every means possible to distract us from that which Father has for us to accomplish.  We are given a limited amount of time on this earth, and then we are gone.  We are given years, and then months, and then days, and then hours, then minutes.  Then we are gone.   Last night as I was working on the sequel to Eli, I was given a rare glimpse into Fathers character.  I was shown that love does not die with these mortal bodies.  I was shown that are role here on this earth is to do things in such a way that generations to follow will be able to take advantage of a heritage that Father uses us to build so people after us can come into relationship with him.  We are given the truth in the word; we are purified when we obey the truth.  In the above scripture we are compared to grass.  Here for a very short season.  The question I have for each of us to think about today is this. What have I done that will last beyond my brief stay on this earth?  We are a mist; time is short for each of us here.  I implore each of us; do those things which have eternal value.  Do those things which will touch people’s lives now and forever.
Go in peace

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