Matthew 24:36

                                We can’t know the day or the hour.

I have said over and over again, all leading from Father always lines up with his word.  Our Father will not go against what he as spoken.   It took me two seconds to find this scripture and cross references to three more showing one thing.  There has been much conversation with this gentleman who claims the return of Christ is today.  If I were a betting man I would place a huge bet that this is the day Christ won’t return.   I can almost see Father looking down on this person and chuckling as he says. “You think you know my mind, you think you understand my plans.   Job did as well, and you know how well things went for him until he came to an understanding of who I really am and the power I have.   Harold Camping the individual who is now 89 years old and is facing is time in front of our Father will surely be asked. “Why did you teach something that went so much against what I left you in my word?”  I can see him squirming trying to figure out where he went wrong.  This whole charade has given a lot of press to the notion that Christ return could happen today.  I am making this statement. It won’t.  No way.  If Father had this day in mind he would probably change it just to prove this person wrong.  Remember this, Father never, ever goes against his word, period end of story. I Was in a restaurant the other day. As the conversation migrated to this topic, I made it clear that we have to be ready at all times for the great day that is coming.  But we can’t know the day or the hour. 

Go in peace