Song of Solomon 3:1-3 

Like an unrelenting lover Father seeks us out

I remember when I first met Sharon. The first time I looked into her blue eyes my heart jumped a beat.  The first time I heard her voice my soul rejoiced.  Many times the relationship between Christ and the Church is compared to a marriage.  The unity that is built there is one of power, and might, and tender love.  Christ does not want a bride that cringes at his walking into the room out of fear, he wants a bride that will run to him with open arms, excited to see him, and wanting to be close to him. Father wants only the best for his son’s bride.   I have been given an opportunity to meet a person who had marital experiences much different from mine.  She came out of a situation that the enemy used to destroy her trust, and her ability to walk in unity with any person at this time because of what she has been through.  I am convinced that the damage that has been done to her brings tears to our Fathers heart.  The fact of the matter is as her trust in Father increases so will her ability to trust someone else in her life.  This is a prime example of what our Father tries to do with each of us.  He can overcome that which we have been through.  He can take that which has been destroyed in us, and make us whole again.  He can restore that which the enemy has attempted to destroy.  We just have to be willing to let him in and let his spirit become one with ours in a way that can be totally up lifting.  Father is out searching for us to restore our hearts to what he created them to be.