Romans 9:1-5
                                                          Paul had a burden.
Paul had an intense burden that Israel would be saved.   This is also brought out in chapter 10:1-2.
This intensity drove him. This desire to see his people come to understand who Christ was and is became the one thing in his life that really needed to be accomplished.  This passion that Christ instilled in his life would be that one thing that would drive all of his letters in doctrine that would become the main stay of the church.  Our Father through the Son by the Spirit would place Paul on a platform that would last for centuries.  His letters would guide millions of people to the Christ.  They would transform the church.  And they would lead people to understand who the Christ is.  My question to each of us today is this. What is the passion Father through the Son by the Spirit has placed within you heart.  He has placed that passion within your heart for a reason.  That reason my friend is to accomplish that one thing that he has impassioned within you to accomplish.  Now is not the time to let that passion go. Now is the time to go forth with all the power of God and see things happen.
Go in peace