Romans 8:4-6
                                                                         Where is your mind this morning?
The human mind is a scary thing.  It directs all that we do.  The question each of us must answer this morning is this.  Do we control it or does it control us.   We are told to set our minds on things above not on the earth.   To be spiritually minded is life, but to be carnally minded is death.  One must be real here. Temptations are going to come, but we must avoid them at all costs.  If one knows one has a problem with something the best thing one can do is avoid that area at all costs.  Don’t let the enemy have your lunch and throw you off of your game.   It’s time to take back your life and walk in the grace and caring that our Father offers through the Son by the Spirit.  It’s time to go on the attack and see Our Fathers favor in all you do.  It’s time to be in control and not controlled.
Go in peace