Romans 8:18
                                                   His Glory shall be revealed INUS.
When I first saw this today it really caught my eye.  Why would his Glory be revealed in us?
It really quite simple when one thinks of it.   God gets his glory because he is who he is.  Also, he gets his Glory from what he does.   We are his crowning creation.  He created us in his own image.  Father sent his son that we could be cleansed from the sin which held us captive, giving us the power to become children of our Heavenly Father.   When we become Father’s children his spirit once again indwells us.
His spirit indwelling us is one of if not thee greatest thing he has done.  Hence, it is where he gets the greatest Glory.    The question then is how do we praise him and give him glory.    
 I try give Father Glory with my heart my soul and mind and body.  In other words with I try to give Father Glory with my whole being.  By giving myself totally to Father I give up my (which I don’t have anyway)  self.  When the control is not mine Father then gets the glory in everything he has me do.    So the question being posed today is this.  Have we given Father complete  control of our being, thereby allowing Father to get complete Honor and Glory for the entirety of what he does through us.  Or are we still in control and taking the glory that rightly belongs to Father for our own.   Think about it.
Go in peace
Serve the Lord
Thanks be to God