Romans 8:1-11 set your minds on things of the spirit. 

The question comes to mind. In today’s economy of life what does it mean for one to set their mind on things of the spirit?  It means always being on the lookout for what Father is doing.  Yesterday had a frustrating yet rewarding day in my business.  I needed to unwind and relax.  I hopped on my bike and headed for my favorite ride through Jay Cook Park.  Was not intending to talk or pray with anyone. Father had other things in mind.  By keeping our minds set on things above instead of things of the earth we are always focused on Father.  As we are in constant communication with him by the spirit that dwells within us we can be fluid with the situations he presents to us.  The river because of rain we had the last several day was raging.  I grabbed by cell phone with the idea of getting some great shots of the river.  Walked out on the swinging bridge and got some shots.  Walked farther up the trail to get some more shots, saw the mud and turned back.  As I walked back across the bridge I met a couple who had just ridden in.  He had tattoos, she was dressed more conservatively.  As I talked with them I discovered that she had been in a bike accident but loved riding as much as anyone I had met.  Found out however, that she was still dealing with some residuals from her accident.  I was prompted to ask her if she had ever had hands laid on her and be prayed for?  She had not.  Her husband and I did so there in the park.  Great setting for prayer.  Great setting for a person to be touched by Father’s Holy Spirit. Be  open to being used by God and you will be.

Go in peace