Romans 6:1-9
                                                                What are we called to after resurrection?
We are united with Christ in the likeness of his death and resurrection.  Verse 9 becomes the key to this whole thing. Death is no more the master over him, not us either.  Here is the bottom line question.  What are we scared of.  Paul is calling each and every one of us to live a life of purity and holiness.  We are called not to live a life of (I am forgiven so it does not matter what I do.)  But rather a life of (Christ died and walked out of the grave so I could have victory in my life over that sin which seeks to destroy me.)  What this means is we choose not to sin.  There are going to be things we do that go against those things which Father would have us to.  However, we must choose to do those things he would have us do.  By choosing to walk in Fathers righteousness we are choosing not to sin because of Fathers grace through the Son by the Spirit.  Every day we have a choice.  The choice is to walk in the Light our Father has given us, or to choose to walk in the sin that enslaves us to death.  Does not seem like much of a choice. But it is the choice each of us makes every day.
Go in peace.