Romans 5:1-2
                                                                                      Justified by faith. Really?
What does it really mean to be justified by Faith?  Faith goes beyond mere believing. There are elements that we must keep in our mind. 1. Trust. One can believe that God exist. But if one does not have a trust that will not die one cannot say they have faith.  2. Obedience. One can say they believe in God, but if one knows what the word says about a given action, and takes that action anyway there is not trust hence no faith.  3. Reliance. This aspect of faith says that we know God is our Father, Christ is his son, and his spirit communicates with us as individual on how to apply his word in our everyday lives.  When the spirit is giving us instructions we can always go back to the handbook (The Bible) and get confirmation that what we believe we are hearing is actually from our Father and act on it.  In Romans 10:17 we read that Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word  of God.  As we spend time in the Word, we will notice that our trust builds in what Father is promising us.  As we spend time in the word we will have put into our minds and from our minds into our spirits the promises that our Father has made to us.  The key promise that comes through is this.  By placing our Faith in our Father through his Son by his Spirit we really are justified. It’s not because of anything we have done. It is because of what our Father has done, giving us His Son Jesus the Christ that allows us to Walk in his spirit, be united with Him and live forever with him.
Christ paid for every mess up we have done. Because of that we can walk in newness of life every day.
Walk in it. Take it to the bank. We really are justified by Faith. Period end of sentence.
Go in peace