Romans 2:1-16
                        Judge not for with the judgment you judge you will be judged.
Sometimes it’s hard to separate a person from their actions.  Is not a person who kills a murderer?  Is not a person who lies a liar?  Let’s say a person receives a notice that they are on a jury.  The crime is capital murder. Let’s say you’re that person forced to sit on the jury. The evidence shows that the person committed the crime.  You vote to convict.  Does this mean you are going to be judged by our Father the same way?  I would like to make a couple of points here.  Under the law we are all guilty.  There is one who took our sin upon himself and by doing so took our punishment. However, we need to be willing to plead guilty, ask for forgiveness. And repent of those sins we have committed. By accepting those things our sins are taken from us.  When we see someone sinning our obligation is to tell that person that the actions they are doing will have dire effects on them and the person they are sinning against in the long run.  We cannot judge that persons heart.  We cannot see all of the circumstances that caused that person to act in the manner that they did.  The word tells us what actions are wrong.  We are cleansed from all that we have done by the blood of Jesus the Christ.  It’s time to not judge another person character because of the actions they are doing.  We cannot see into that person’s heart.  We can see the results of a person’s actions. We can see the damage a person is doing. We do have an obligation to warn people of the results their actions can have.
Go in peace