Romans 15:1-3

 We ought to be putting others before ourselves.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we really did this.  Put the others needs before our own.

Tonight I was extremely frustrated.  I was thinking of a couple of old classmates.  One whose life turned out OK. (The male).  And another whose life was totally messed up because of choices she made as a result of a relationship that occurred years back.  (Female)    His idea was conquest. Hers was building a relationship.  But because of the way a teenage woman’s brain is wired a person such as person A can totally mess up person B by taking advantage of her.  I know both people, and am familiar with what happened.  This is an extreme example of the damage that can be caused by doing things to satisfy our own wants and desires instead of looking out for the needs of the others.   When we act on the scripture above we will be looking for ways to meet people’s needs that we come in contact with.  By acting in a manner to build up the other person they are actually seeing Father in our actions.  When they can see Father in our actions then they can relate when we share the good news with them. 

Put the other person first always.

Go in peace