Romans 1:26-27
    God’s view of homosexuality
I had a person ask me today about the sinfulness of homosexuality.  They were wondering if it was ever OK with God.  I made the point of stating that Father is the judge of sin.  That unrepentant sin is the problem.  Sin is sin. As I was driving today I asked Father to show me his mind on this particular issue.
What is the difference between someone involved in the sin of homosexuality and an unmarried couple living together?  First as long as the homosexual couple is living together and engaging in their behavior there is not repentance and can be no forgiveness.  The man and woman living together outside of marriage are equally sinful, however, when they marry repentance happens and the sinning has stopped.  Father’s word does not change.  If a homosexual couple living together marries they are still active in a sin, Father cannot bless a rebellious relationship.  Remember we are told in scripture that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.  If a person knows what is right, and chooses to ignore it and do his/her own thing that is rebellion.  Again if a man and woman marry when they have been living together outside of marriage that is an act of repentance , but it goes beyond repentance, it become a celebration of something Father calls holy.    There is not act of repentance from homosexuality, unless one chooses not to take part in the act.  I know this sounds black and white.  For the person involved in the depths of sin black and white can be a hard thing to handle.  But know this sin is sin. We can choose to repent or not.  What that repentance looks like is between the person repenting and our Father.  But this is how I read it.  I came to this conclusion after prayer and study.
Go in peace