Romans 11:34
                                                                      Who knows the mind of God?
                It all started in January of this year.  I made a call on Globe drug of Superior.  They did not need my service but told me a furniture store was going in next door.  So I called on Peter next door, who did need what I had to offer.  I set him up and moved on the next call.  There were some minor issues that needed to be taken care of so I gave him the great service he paid for by doing business with me.  He then sold the business to Susan in the summer.  Which mean I had to cancel his account and set one up for Susan.  I also showed her the book Eli greatness begins which I had just received for prerelease marketing.  She took one look at it and asked me if I would be willing to do a book signing in October for her grand opening.  I of course responded in the affirmative.  So today October 20 she had her grand opening.   Things were a bit slow this afternoon so Susan got proactive. She went to the October fest down the street and started to hand out some flyers.  She came back and told me I should go down there with a few books and see what I could do.  I started to but felt the Lord stop me in my tracks.  I went back to my table and simply sat down.  A few more people came in.  Then it happened. Caleb and Laura came in.  As soon as I saw them I knew they needed to buy the book Eli Greatness begins.  Did not really understand the urgency but thought ok.  They came over looked at it asked some questions.  Read the back cover of the book, thought about it and put it down.  I felt compelled to discuss the book with them some more.  I discussed why the book was written.  Then I told them I really felt like for some reason they needed this book.  I told them what my cost was on the book and offered to sell it to them at that cost.  We talked a few more moments about some more things in the book.  He then gave me full price.  They discussed buying two copies one for a present.  Then Caleb said that there were not enough good books out there for kids to read.  For whatever reason our Father went to a lot of trouble to get this book in the hands of Caleb and Laura.  They are committed believers and I ask you all to pray that our Fathers plan involving this book in their hands will be carried out.
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