Revelation 6:1-2 Has our heart been truly conquered?

I am a Gideon.  From time to time I speak in churches to raise money for the Gideon’s so they can continue to hand out bible at not cost to the person receiving it.  I always start asking the people to look around themselves; I ask them what they see.  Crime, uncertainty, lonely people, but we do have a weapon. That weapon is so powerful some countries have it outlawed. That weapon does not win by destroying lives it wins by rebuilding them.  When Christ returns all the hearts that can be changed will have been.  All humans who are willing to bow their knee to the master will have done so. Their hearts of cold indifference will have been made warm and caring by him who sits on the throne.   The question today is this, has your heart been completely conquered.  Have you said to the master “You win, I give up, do with me what you will.”  It’s when we get to that point that we can be used effectively.  I have to admit I get nailed by Father this week on one issue.  It was a situation that I thought would be interesting, Father made it clear that was not a place I should be going.  I changed course.  We must be totally submitted to his will. When we are then we will see not only our lives changed, but those around us.

Go in peace