Revelation 3:6-8
                                                                                God opens doors that no one can close,
                The next three days I have a book signing at Cloquet Ford. I will be at the armory in Cloquet.  This morning I was up early went and worked out hard at St Marie’s hospital in their heart rehab gym.  Then my mind clicked.  My friend Brad Bennet is a radio host on a local station here in Duluth. They were doing a remote today at Cloquet Ford as this dealer is one of their sponsors.  I heard the lord tell me to go there and get interviewed.  I did.  I asked Al Birman if he would have any objections to an interview.  He did not as I would be signing books the next three days there.  The 10 minute interview went really well.  I was able to share Christ and even share a key excerpt from Eli.  It was where Father gives the gifts to Eli that if he works hard he will see amazing things happen.  I was able to share the concept of platform with hundreds of listeners around the northland.  The show is the lead into rush Limbaugh so it has a great listener ship.  I can see God’s hands all over this.  When our Father has his mind set on building a success remember this.  It’s not our success, it’s his.  The key out of this whole book is this.  Father gets the credit.  He will open amazing doors.  We just have to remember to give credit where credit is due.
Go in peace