Revelation 22:18-19 

                                                   Let’s not make the perfect imperfect


I would like to discuss the Bible as a whole today.  It has been said that over the years with editing and mans influence that the bible just isn’t the book that some people know it to be.  They have the opinion that Our Father just does not have the ability to have his book produced  without error.  I would encourage each one of us to pick up the book by Hugh Ross the creator and the cosmos. Mr. Ross is an astrophyisist.   He earned his PHD at a young age.  Mr. Ross had set out to prove all religious books false.  When he opened the scriptures he made an interesting observation.  The bible proves physics.  That there many more dimensions than we are aware of.  Two things drive me absolutely nuts.  One is proof texting.  That is taking a scripture out of context to prove a point.  The second is the so called “expert” who makes assumptions about our Father out of their own logic.  Man trying to figure out Father apart from Fathers word is almost as bad as the  guy spoken of  in Psalm 14:1 The states the fool has said in his heart there is no God.  Having written a couple of books myself and understanding the work that goes into one book, then realizing 66 books put into one volume and each of the books is in agreement.  That my friends is a miracle.  When one spreads those books over 4000 years and then to try to say that something as foolish as it is not perfect I fail to see the logic.  When a prominent astrophysics such as Hugh Ross explains the bible proving physics.  Then one tries to make the case of the Scripture having errors one is showing ones lack of understanding of how powerful our Father really is.

Go in peace