Revelation 21:1-8
                                                                                He makes all things new.
As I read this, this morning the question went through my mind.  “Mike how have you messed up in your life?”   Then the answer came to me. “I make all things new.”   I knew that was in our Fathers word so I looked it up.  Father also states in this section of his word that he is the beginning and the end.  The alpha and omega.  Father by his love and sacrifice of giving his Son on Christmas began the redemption process. On resurrection day he ended the process of redemption and began our new lives in him through his Son the Christ by the Holy Spirit.”  Christ was born at Christmas.  He was born so we really could be cleansed from or Sins.  We are cleansed so we can be made Holy and walk into his presence.  We are cleansed so our life begins new every morning.   This morning as you drink that second cup of coffee  trying to wake up understand, and realize this new day has potential to have Father move in you in new ways that will brighten the days of all those around you.  This new day Father will do things in you that are amazing.  Walk in his greatness and realize old things, old natures, old sins are passed away. All things in Christ really are made new every morning.
Go in peace