Revelation 21:1-13
                                                                                                He makes all things new
It was May 25 1974.  I had just won a bet with my little sister Bev.  If I won the bet she had to clean out my car, if I lost I had to go to her bible study.  I was 19 and had been living a life that was less than stellar.   I remember sno mobiling looking out over one of those early morning fields where the snow glistens like diamonds.  I cried out and told God that he had to save me, I did not care what it took he had to save me.  Well to make a long story short Bev did such a great job with my car I went to her bible study anyway.   The kids at the study were mostly those young people I had grown up with.  One person by the name of Bruce Wanquist came up to me as I was looking off into the dark and simply said. Mike Christ wants to talk to you tonight.  That my friend was the night my life was changed forever.  The change in my was 180’. I became a new person in Christ.  I experienced what happens when one has their life changed in a second.   It was an amazing night.  I can see everything positive in my life stems from that one prayer with Bruce.  That little bet and the way my sister paid it off had a great deal to do with the man that I am today.  It was the start of my meeting the bride of my youth. It was the start of what would bring 4 great kids into the world.  It was the start of everything great and wonderful that Christ had for me.  Because of that moment my bride Sharon was able to lead my sister in law Dorothy to Christ before she died.   That moment in time was where Christ exploded into my life by the spirit in such a way as to change everything.   Could it be today that you will be someones connection to the Christ?  Ask yourself this Good Friday, what is my moment in time?
Go in peace