Revelation 1:4-7
                                                                                    To him who sits on the throne.
John knew and understood what was happening when he wrote this letter.  He knew he was composing  something that our Father would use for centuries to touch people’s hearts.  He also knew where the glory for this letter he was composing belonged.  Not with him but with our Father in heaven through his son Jesus the Christ by his Holy Spirit. Our Father does some amazing things through the people he puts in positions, when the glory goes back to our Father he tends to continue to build on what he is doing.  When the glory does not then problems result.  I have seen a great many ministries come and go because the focus switched from what our Father does to what the minister does.  Remember when Father is using us it is because we are willing to be used and he gets the glory.  Let’s remember who is in charge and we will be ok.
Go in peace