Psalm 130

                                                Waiting for the redemption of the Lord

Out of the Depths of his very being the Psalmist writes these words.   He is crying, he is yearning from the inner most parts of his very being for Father to hear him.  He longs to be close to God his creator. That raises a question in my mind, and yes even in my heart.  Does my longing for the redemption that Father offers come from that deep within me, or is my relationship with Father a surface relationship that I use for my convenience when I need him?  Father wants’ a close intimate relationship with each and every one of us.  The Christ his son, the second part of the trinity paid the ultimate price on the Cross so we could have that close of a relationship with him.   Father will lead and guide us through all aspects of this life, he will protect us, but we have to be willing to draw near to him.  My encouragement today is this, as we go out this day, in every action that we take let’s make a real effort to glorify our Father through the Son by the Spirit with every thought, word, and deed that we do.  Let’s take whatever steps we have to, to draw closer and closer to him.

Go in peace