Sorry for the late hour on this one. Had a huge storm internet was down

Psalm 125 those who trust in the Lord cannot be moved.

Those who trust in the Lord are like mount Zion.   We’re not going anyplace.  The key word here is trust.  Sometimes when a person is conditioned not to trust, gaining trust is an extremely hard thing to do.  Forcing oneself to trust that first time can be like having bamboo stuck under the finger nails.  Extremely painful.  Being in a position of vulnerability can be an extremely scary thing.  When one get to the position of being able to walk in that trust everyday one really does become like mount Zion, and mount Zion really cannot be moved.  When one’s trust in our Father gets to the point of understanding that no matter what happens Father’s grace will be their to take care of us trusting becomes easier and easier.  When someone says “trust God” that person may or may not be in a position of trusting our Father themselves. Does not matter, the truth of the statement stands on its own.  Here is my challenge today. Ask Father for that non-shake able trust that cannot be broken.  It’s when one gets to that position that one can really understand what trusting Father through the Son by the Spirit is all about.

Go in peace