Psalm 96:11-13
                                                                Let the earth Rejoice, for his judgment is coming
Almost the whole of psalm 96 is a psalm of praise.  That is until the last couple of verses that talk about judgment.   This is the psalm David used when the Ark of the Covenant was brought back into Jerusalem.  The psalm talks about everyone and everything praising the Lord. At the end it becomes prophetic in that it talks about what Father is going to do in his two judgments.  There will be a judgment for those who accept the Christ and what he has done, and one for those who don’t.  The judgment for those who are walking with Christ is one of rewards. While the judgment for those who do not will not be  pleasant to endure.  Father is just, Honor will be bestowed upon those who have walked with him and help others to come to an understanding of who he is and what he has done through his son to redeem them.   Remember Christ said as you have done it onto the least of these you have done it onto me.  When I close my eyes in death the first words I desire to hear from my Father are “Well done good and faithful servant.”  I long to know that what I have done here is acceptable in the sight of Father.    Every word we speak, every action we take, should be in praise of who Father is.  We need to be so intertwined with his spirit that his words flow out of us like water.  We need to be so intertwined with the Holy Spirit that we can hear his leading in any situation that we may be in.  If at this time we aren’t in tune with the spirit as we need to be it’s time to really start praying and asking Father to touch us with his spirit in a way that we can understand his leading.  When we get to that position the results are amazing.
Go in peace