Psalm 68:1-5  

Father will scatter his enemies, and be a Father to the Fatherless.

How does the enemy try to destroy what Father is doing?  He does it one child at a time.  How does Father stop what the enemy is trying to do to his kids?   Father does it by sending his spirit into the child at an early age, putting the child into a situation that can change the child forever.  Father does not bring into our lives people without a plan  of how he is going to use us to touch said person.  In Romans 11 Paul talks about us being grafted into Christ.  When one is grafted into Christ that is to be placed in him. That person is chosen by Christ to become one of his.  The invitation is given to all, but few actually come into the Christ.    Imagine if you will, a child, one without a father, that child at birth is “adopted by a good man as a son.  The baby is “chosen” by the Father and had nothing to do with said choice.  But it is given all the “perks” of son ship in the family.  The difference with a person who receives Christ, We have a choice.  Number one is a choice to accept the adoption that Christ is offering us. Number 2 is we can walk away from our adoption.  Today as you go out, remember that the person Father is bringing across you path He wants to “adopt” into his Family.  We are the messangers to bring that message to the orphans out there that Father really does love them, and wants to bring them into his family. 

Go in peace