Psalm 63

                                                A thirsty soul

Last night we had a Rise to the Call prayer night at church.  A word was spoken asking if we had come to the end of ourselves yet.  As I was praying  Father quietly brought my attention to a lady seated behind me.  Feeling like I really needed to pray for this person I walked to her and asked her if I could pray for her.  She stated she was really, really dry.  It had been a long time since she had really been touched by our Father.   This woman was indeed thirsty.  John 7 vs. 37 we see Christ saying let he who is thirsty come.  The person last night was indeed thirsty.  This person came to meet the Christ of God and was met.  We are called to be that messenger that our Father will use to touch those who are at the end of themselves. We are called to bring the living water to those who are dying a slow spiritual death.  They are dying of thirst searching for the living water.  Father brings them across our path because we can offer the Christ to them.  They can truly experience the living water of our Father by simply receiving the Christ and seeing Him change their lives forever.

Go in peace