Psalm 57
A prayer asking for protection
  One thing comes through loud and clear today.  David is praying for protection from traps the enemy has set for him.  The enemy uses some of the same traps today that he used 3000 years ago.  He may package them a bit different but uses them just the same.  We as believers are not immune from the traps that David was praying against here.  I can see David now. This psalm was written when David was running from Saul.  He walks to the opening of the cave just as the sunlight is coming up over the horizon.  He feels the Father’s love in the sunrise.  He knows his prayer has been answered, and he will be taken care of.  He knows he will be protected from the enemy’s traps that are set out before him.  Traps come in many forms.  We must have our “spiritual” ears turned on for Fathers leading that will protect us from all the traps.  Imagine if you will the driver of a car.  He is at a rest area, and asks the highway patrol officer about what direction he is suppose to follow.  The highway patrolman tells him not to follow route 17 as the bridge just washed out, and if his car goes in the river he will die.  The person thinks that is still a shorter route, he will find away around the bridge being out.  Take route 17, starts daydreaming ends up in the river to a not so happy end.  The problem is this person prayed for a safe journey before he left. Father put the Highway patrol in the rest area the same time he was. The person did not listen to the leading the Father put there for him.   As I look back on my life there are so many traps laid out for me that Father through the Son by the Spirit protected me from.  It really is amazing.  Sometimes those traps can be quite attractive.  What we have to do is really listen.  Let me repeat myself, we have to really listen.  The part of Fathers plan that we are given to do is an important thing.  When something pops up that looks interesting we must ask ourselves one question.  Is this going to further Fathers plan, or not.  We must ask Father through the Son by the Spirit if what is put before us is part of his plan or is it a trap to stop us from being part of Father’s plan.  WE each have a role to carry out. If we drop the ball, Father will just have someone else carry out that part of his plan that was intended for us.  Or if we drop the ball, he will restore us to the point where we can again carry out the part of his plan, and purpose that we are created to do.   We just have to watch for the warnings that he gives us to avoid the traps that the enemy is laying out in front of us.
Go in peace