Psalm 56 He realizes that without Father he dies

David from the beginning understood that he was King because he was chosen by the Most High God. He realized that if the Nation that Father had given him was to survive it would be Father that would save them.  He understood where his strength came from.  David is an example for the believers today what great cost there is to stepping out from under Fathers covering.  We have a choice everyday.  We can insist on doing things our own way thinking that we are in control. (If we do this we will never experience the ultimate Father has for us.) Or we can simply understand that our Father is in total control of every situation placing our trust in Father through the Son by the spirit.  When David got in trouble was when he started to think that he really controlled a situation.  He allowed his pride to get in the way, and it destroyed that which every man holds dearest, his family.  After he had Uriah murdered in battle Father promised him the sword would never leave his family.  David’s sin threw his Family into a turmoil that would go on for years and years.  This is a promise to each and every one of us.  If we understand that everything positive that happens is because it’s a gift from our Father then things will go well for us.  When we think that it is our own doing that great things are happening then we are walking on really, really thin ice.  We cannot let pride get in our way, but must walk humbly before our Father in his grace and mercy all the days of our lives.

Go in peace