Psalm 51:10-17
                                                Create in me a clean heart Oh God.
This is the psalm David wrote right after he has Uriah killed in battle to cover up his affair with Bathsheba.  He has been caught.  The prophet of God has called him out.  Nothing has changed.  Our Father in heaven loves us his kids.  He has given a great deal so we could once again walk in his presence.  Our actions do have consequences. He will use those consequences to bring us back to him.  He will use those things we do that go against his word to deliver us from those things that would destroy us and our families.  At times those consequences may seem really hard, and have to be dealt with in a manner that shakes us to the bones.  But take heart!  Father is there and will draw us back into where he wants us to be.  Father has a mission for each of us to accomplish, he will do those things to get our eyes back on him so that mission can be carried out.  It’s easier if we never take our eyes off of him who created us.  It would be easier if our kids never messed up as well.  As good parents we are going to take those steps necessary to get our children back on course.  Our Father will take those steps as well.
Go in peace