Psalm 42

                                                As I pant for Water so my soul pants for our Father.

I remember two a days when I played High School Football.  My mouth would be dry; I would give anything for a drink of Water. I remember the water breaks; they were like walking into heaven.  The regeneration that was felt as the water was downed was amazing.  That is just exactly how our spirit should be longing to be in Fathers presence day and night. We need to be hungering and thirsting after his righteousness.  When Father shows us what is right we need to be looking on that action he is leading us to take as a football player would the water after a hard workout.  Those actions we are being led to accomplish, those actions we know Father wants us to carry out  have to be a driving force in our lives.  Remember Father is about mercy.  He is about our being able to deal with the truth of a situation in a loving and caring way that shows his grace and love always.  But we must always; I mean always deal in truth.  Father always deals in truth.  The bottom line this morning is this.  Long for to be in our Father’s presence.  Long for his truth. Walk in his truth.

Go in peace