Psalm 37:7

                                Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him.

All one has to do is ask my sisters or brother.  I am not a patient person.  My business has been used by our Father to teach me to be more patient.  I have come to realize that success happens when there is a fit in the product, and the person purchasing said product.  Saturday after my mother in laws funeral I went and visited my late wife’s grave site.  I walked around and cried out to Father asking him what he wanted me to do.  I asked him why I was there.  I kept saying She’s not here.  Then once again I asked our Father what he wanted me to do. My passion, my hearts desire is to see people come to know Christ in a personal and intimate way.   Well yesterday I got the answer.  I hopped on the Honda and rode over to my brother and sisters house.  As we prayed together I once again asked the question “Father what do you want me to do?”  I feel in that instant the Holy Spirit spoke through my sister Lorraine.  “Rest in the Lord?” Was her instant response.  To rest is to relax.  In order to relax one must trust that one will be protected, or at least be safe while one is resting  If one looks at a baby sleeping in it’s mothers arms one see confidence that its mother will be there to protect it.  But scare that baby and the picture is not nearly as peaceful.   That is where trust comes in.  When we trust in the lord it gives us that assurance that no matter what happens Father is in control, and will protect us.  When Father gives us instructions as to what he wants us to do, and we carry them out, then we can sit back, rest in the assurance that the results are exactly what he wants to happen.  When we realize the responsibility is not ours, but Fathers then we can relax and realize he really does have everything under control.  When we can really understand the above truth then we can and should take our rest in the Lord as we realize he really does have our back.

Go in peace