Psalm 34:4
                                                                      What are we scared of?
This one verse says it all when it comes to fear. I sought the Lord and he delivered me from all my fear.   I have see so many times when I prayed about accomplishing something, but when it came time to “pull the trigger” there was this little voice that would tell me not to go forward with it.  Later I would find out the blessing I missed out on.  My friends Father wants to give you the courage to step beyond those fears.  He wants’ to touch your heart and give you His courage to step into that blessing that he has waiting for you… When you have gone after God our Father in earnest prayer to find out what Father wants you to do in a given situation and he shows you don’t back off..  When you have sought his face by his Son, through His spirit that is not the time to wimp out at the end.  That my friend is the time to march forward in the power and might of the Great I Am. That is the time to be of good courage realizing that it is Fathers Fight and he will guide you through it.  Don’t look back but go forward with all the power and might that belongs to God almighty our Father.  Today is the time. We were placed here for such a time as this. Don’t back down. Go forth and conquer.
Go in peace