Psalm 31 courage verses fear.

We see David writing of two things, fear and courage.  In 13 we see him speaking of fear being all around him, in 24 he speaks of being of good courage.  Two points here. One is for there to be courage there must be fear.  2. Courage is not the absence of fear it is the overcoming of it. Last night my son invited me to a movie with him for Fathers day.  I had been wanting to see this movie as it was based on a comic book I read as a kid.  The green lantern is the name of the movie.  The visuals were done really well, but the key line in the whole picture was this.  There is a difference between not having fear, and having courage.  We all have fear, but when we have courage we overcome the fear and do that which is required of us.  Jesus the Christ in John 16:33 is being quoted as saying that he has overcome the world.  He is where our courage comes from. It is in him that we rely all that we have and are.  So here is the bottom line this morning, the enemy will come against us with fear as in vs. 13, but if  we are to succeed against the lies that produce the fear is place our trust in Christ 16:33 and walk in the courage of vs. 24 and we win.

Walk in courage that


Overcomes fear