Psalm 29

                Give unto the Lord glory and all your strength.

This talks about two things. First we his people praising him with everything that is within us, and  to the great things he accomplishes by just speaking them into being.   When our Father speaks power exudes from his very being.  My friend words have power.  I remember when I was probably 12. I was at a rebellious stage in my life.  My dad was a quiet man for the most part. But when he spoke people listened.  I remember walking past our bath room, Dad met me in the hall and said something, I don’t remember what but I smarted off to him. This was a Big mistake. He said 7 words. Your still not to big to spank.  I immediately apologized.   From time eternal Dad never spanked me. But the mere threat was enough to get my attention.  We are created in our Fathers image.  Words have power.  Words have the power to bless and curse.  Words have the power to start wars, and heal hurts.  As we look at Psalm 29 we must remember the power of our words.  Our words must always be those of encouragement and hope.  Unlike those who do not have the Christ in their lives we have hope.  We must always speak that hope into the lives of those around us.  We praise with everything within  us by speaking of his love and caring and justice and might when ever the occasion presents itself.

Go in peace