Psalm 27:14 

Wait on the Lord.

I have a question for each of us this morning. How many times have we asked Father for something, then instead of waiting on him for an answer, for his divine provision simply tried to figure out a way of getting an answer to the prayer we prayed.  Two points I would like to make here.  One, Father’s timing is always perfect.  2. Ours seldom is.  Another point is we in our wanting something right now seldom choose right.  I remember when I met Sharon.  I was in between classes and the University of Minnesota Duluth.  I had stopped by the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship office to grab a book.  There was this cute little blonde.  The rest is history. I was not looking for anyone at that time. He had a plan and he worked his plan to his glory. Philippians 4:4-7 we are told to make our request made know to God.  But how many times have we made our requests known to our Father and take steps to fulfill those requests in our own way.  To put it bluntly, that is really a dumb move on our part.  Philippians 4:19 we are told Father will meet all of our needs according to his riches in glory.  Father sees the big picture, we don’t.  We can’t see the results of our choices years or even days down the line for that matter.  Father sees the beginning from the end.  If we can be just a little patient Father will accomplish great things in our lives.  Or we can try to do things on our own and see things blow up.   If you ask Father for something, then be patient and wait for him to answer your prayer.  He will answer your prayers in his time and his way. 

Go in Father’s peace