Psalm 18

The lord is my strength

I have a question for each of us this day: Who do we rely on.  Ourselves or Father for our very being. I would like to remind each of us this day our strength is not in ourselves; our strength is in the lord.  David understood this, he lived this, and he walked it out.  David was not a man without sin, but he still was a man after God’s own heart.  As I rely on myself I mess up over and over again.  When I place my trust in the Lord, in his ways, then things go much smoother for me.  David operated under God’s law.  When he did he was able to see his kingdom expand because it was Father’s kingdom that was expanding.  In today society man is trying to build his own little kingdom.    We are to be set apart in this whole arena. We are to work for not our own kingdom but for the kingdom of Him who gave his all, who suffered, who died, and walked out of the grave.  As we change our mindset and start dealing from a position of love and compassion we can see the kingdom of God expand, first in our hearts then to the hearts of others. 

Go in peace