Psalm 141:1-4
                                                                         David asks for a guard over his mouth
This prayer I can really understand.  The question I would like to ask each and every one of us is this.  Have we ever said something in haste and wanted to take those words back out of the air.  David understood the dangers of the tongue.  He understood the flames it could start raging in short order. He understood that a wrong word here or there could put in jeopardy everything that our Father in heaven was going to be doing through him.  James 3:6 we see that the tongue as a burning fire.  The problem comes when we don’t control the tongue but allow it to control us.  Father has given us all one miraculous instrument called a brain.  It is our control center that handles the functions of this being so carefully created.  It is imperative that we take that split second to really think about what we are going to say before we say it.  We must be a witness to our Father through the Son by the Spirit in everything we think do and say.  Today as we go out, let us make sure we glorify our Father in heaven in everything we think do and SAY!
Go in peace