Psalm 139:14
On December 23 of last year I was walking to the mailbox. Slipped on the ice, fell and tore my rotator cuff.  It hurt. Today I started physical therapy.  As I am lying on the table Nancy is telling of the complexities of the shoulder. Of the skeletal system the shoulder is the most complex piece of work.  She explained some of the complexities involved with just moving my arm one direction or another.  The feat of engineering is totally remarkable. So here is my challenge to each and every one of my loyal readers.  Can someone tell me with some form of logic how a creation such as a shoulder could just happen. How does something so complex happen out of dumb luck. The fact of the matter is this. We are designed. We are designed in the image of our Father. God almighty out of his desire to have a being in his image to love created us with all the intricacies that we have built into our physical being. Know this today. You are important to our Father. He created you with the ability to choose and to act in the most powerful force in the universe. Love
Go in peace