Psalm 127

                It is vain to rise up early, to retire late.

Yesterday I was privileged to meet my newest nephew.  Abraham Nathanial Simpson.  His grandparents were at the hospital as well.  Seeing the child rest, the total comfort and trust of this child has brought to mind just the kind of trust we must have in Father.  Things happen, good or bad, things happen. The question we have to ask ourselves is this, is my reaction to the things that are going on in my life one of strife and panic, or is my reaction one of trust and assurance that Father really does have my best interest in mind no matter what happens?  Are we willing to trust enough to be that instrument that Father is going to use to touch those around us, or are we so “scared” of their reaction that we are unwilling to be used by Father in a way that can touch their lives and see eternal changes. What we do in our own strength is as the writer of the Psalm says is vain. What we do in Father’s strength has a benefit that goes on forever.  My encouragement for all of us this day is simple.  Pray, ask Father through the Son, by the spirit to be shown what activities he has in mind for you this day that can have eternal benefits.  When he shows you, and he will, what he has for you to do, do those activities. 

Be one doing the eternal

Go in peace