Psalm 122  What if the Lord had not been on our side?

Last week was very busy, very tough, and very profitable.  I saw a lot of thing happen in the week that normally would not have happened that were not of my doing lead to things being accomplished that were out of my control.  That’s what David is writing about here.   He had come through battles and won.  As he writes he ponders what would have happened if the Lord had not been on his side.  I know this, for all believers sometimes things happen that we have no control over, and we wonder where was God?  Let me say this, if Father had not been with us how bad would the results have been.?  In 1978 I was in a terrible motorcycle accident.  If I had hit a quarter of an inch different I would have been paralyzed from the neck down, or killed.  Where was Father? He was protecting me.  In 2005 I made a dumb mistake and pulled my bike out in front of a speeding Chevy blazer.  I did $2000 worth of damage to the truck and a scratch on my bike.  According to the laws of physics I should not be here typing this.  Again what if Father had not been on my side.  I am much more careful riding now.   We have no idea how bad the things could be if Father were not on our side. Personally that is one thing I do not want to find out.

Go in peace