Psalm 122 I was glad when they said “Let us go into the house of the Lord.”

The question I would like to ask this morning is where is the house of the Lord.  Is it a temple? Is it a Church?  Is it any given denomination?  The answer to each of these questions is a resounding NO!

The day Christ died on the cross was the day the curtain blocking the holy of holies was ripped in two.  That was the day Father stopped dwelling in buildings and started the process of indwelling men’s hearts.  When Christ would walk out of the grave the process continued.  When he ascended to the Father the process continued.  On Pentecost it would be complete and the Holy Spirit would take his abode in men’s hearts instead of a building or set aside place.  That places on obligation on us as believers.  The Christ in the 17th chapter of John asked Father for the believers to have the same unity with Father that he had.  That my friend makes us one with the Father.  That means we have God’s DNA in our blood.  As you rise in the morning the first thing on our lips must be praising Father for the new day.  Then we must be asking him for HIS direction in it.  The next course of action is to wait for his direction on the day.  Once we have his direction on the day the next thing is to walk in that direction. As we walk in Father’s  Direction we will see lives changed by the power of the Spirit of God that dwells within us.

Go in peace