Psalm 121:8
                                                                                I made the angels work overtime.
Father has a plan and a purpose.  This morning I was shown and reminded that I am not as great as I sometimes think I am.  That if I had not been watched over as a wee lad I would have been taken out at a young age.  Age one. I walked off the end of a dock; my dad came in after me full clothed and rescued me.  2. I drank oil one day, had my stomach pumped. Two days later I drank gas, again I had my stomach pumped.  
3. Lincoln Nebraska. 1965.  I climbed a television antenna up the side of a two story house on an air force base to rescue a Frisbee.  The antenna was fastened to the house with small screws.  The air police got involved with that one. 
4. July 1971. We were on vacation on the St. Croix River.  I did a swan dive off of a 100 ft. cliff. 1978 got wiped out by a Chevy blazer on my motorcycle.   Spent three weeks in a hospital with a head injury Doc told me if I had hit a quarter of an inch different I would have been killed or at least paralyzed from the neck down. August 2005. Broadsided by another Chevy blazer. Again on my bike.  $3000 dollars damage to the blazer, a scratch on the bike. A very small hairline scratch.  I have become much more careful.  But the bottom line is this.  Father has a purpose, we each have a role in that purpose.  We don’t know when that second is that Father is going to pull us out of here. What our focus has to be is on what Father is leading us to accomplish here and now.  It is appointed for man once do die and afterword the judgment. (Hebrews 9:27)  Until that point we have to be working on Fathers orders that he has for our lives.  We have to be totally devoted to his purpose. The above things that I described are true.  I have no idea how many other things that happened that I was protected from.  Do Fathers calling. He does protect us in it.
Go in peace