Psalm 121
                                                                                A real man/woman relies on Father.
I have heard many successful people say I am self made.  I did it by my boot straps. I rely on no one.  But what does this person have in the endp?  Remember this. Christ said what does a man profit if he gains the world but loses his soul.  (Mark 8:36)    David  writes that he lifts his eyes to the hills to  where his help comes from.  He realized his help came from Our Heavenly Father.  Carrie Underwood in her song Jesus take the wheel tells a story about a young mom who loses control of her car on black ice.  She tells how this young lady let’s goes and just says Jesus take the wheel. When the car comes to rest she bows her head and prays.  This morning look to those hills. Realize that it’s not we who accomplish anything lasting; it’s our Father through the Son by the Spirit that accomplishes greatness through us.  He does it to give us a platform to reach those around us.  Use those gifts that are given to reach out to others.
Go in peace