Psalm 119: 97-104

This is a psalm of David, written before his encounter with Bathsheba, before his fall.   This psalm is beautifully written, but shows his pride at his understanding of the law.  His pride is in his ability to keep the law of our Father.  In proverbs 16:18 we see the warning “Pride comes before destruction.”  This can be a scary thing.  One may have total confidence in ones self and in a moment of weakness blow years of hard work.  What can a person do when one sees oneself as god.  That becomes a very precarious place to be.  Humbleness is a condition of the heart, when one see things that one has accomplished through ones gifting and believes they did it on their own one is taking the glory away from our Father and placing it on oneself.  That my friend is a recipe for disaster.   Father will and does accomplish great things through us.  We have to remember where our greatness comes from.  In Matthew 19:17 the Christ states there is only one who is Good and that is our Father.  So here is the bottom line. We work to accomplish what Father has before us  to accomplish.  When it is accomplished we make sure he gets the glory for it.  We must remember at all times proverbs 16:18 and glory in the fact that Father is using us to accomplish that which he has purposed to do to accomplish his purpose.  As we keep our mind set focused on His glory then we will see great things accomplished, and we will be preserved in Fathers grace.

Go in peace