Psalm 100

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord

Have you ever woke early in the morning feeling great?  Have you ever felt really good and started singing a joyful song.  How about those mornings when you wake up, stomach upset, and you have to go one more time and do that same thing you have done in the past.  The day is just another day, and you think.  “Why should I make a joyful noise about this?”  “I just have to get through this; there is nothing (joyful) about what I am going through .  The answer to the above question really is quite simple.  Father has a reason for everything we are going through.  What if we are to reach just one person for Christ because of what we are going through? What if, even in our downiest times, we are able to keep making that joyful noise?  What if we are that one beacon on a hill that a person can look to and see the face of Christ and grasp onto hope?  We are not told to make a joyful noise just when we feel joyful.  We are told to make a joyful noise period.  That joyful noise is praise to Father, it is also something uplifting, that can and does draw people to the throne of love Himself.  Just make a Joyful noise and see what happens.

Go in peace