Proverbs 8:32-36
                                                                Father’s wisdom
If we look at verses 35 and36 a stark reality hits.  Whoever finds life finds me (Father) and whoever sins against me (Father) wrongs his own soul.  Wisdom begins with the fear of God.  That fear comes in two forms. One is terror, the other is respect. A question comes to mind. Can one love and hate God at the same time.  In Exodus 20 we see the sin of the Father being passed on to the second and third generation for those who hate God.  To hate God is to love evil.  For instance, a man is divorcing the mother of his 4 children while at the same time listening to Christian music.  The act of divorce is an evil thing. The act of abandoning the one you have made a vow and a promise to is an evil act.  Where there is no adultery, or abuse one has no grounds for the divorce. When one is trying to have a relationship with the Father through the Son while at the same time breaking one’s covenant with the one he has gifted you with is an exercise in futility.  To love God is by definition to hate evil.  While your embracing an evil act and saying you love God puts you in a place of extreme danger.  We can’t have it both ways.  I was not the perfect husband. Ask my kids they will tell you. I did things that I hated. I knew they were wrong. (I was always faithful.) But I did do some hurtful things to my bride.  I hated them, and we worked through them.  We had years of a great relationship after Father changed my heart, to really love the bride of my youth. I learned what loving truth was really all about.  I learned what hating sin was about. One cannot say one loves God the Father and be engaged in unrepentant sin at the same time.  Sin has consequences. Some consequences are removed with forgiveness. Some are not.  This I do know.  Unrepentant sin has consequences that are not removed.  My encouragement today is to take a hard look at yourself.  Believe me this mornings “word” has caused me do to that. Do you really want to go down the road that you have started on?  As Paul said “I am the greatest among sinners.” If there is an action that you’re considering that goes against the word of God, Stop!
Go in peace