Proverbs 3:5-6
                                                                                                                              Trust in the Lord.
                Yesterday was an interesting day.  I had to make a call in the west end to get something fixed on my car. Then I had decided to make a call on a customer of mine to make sure everything was well with a customer that I had not seen in a while.  This customer was a hair dresser and I needed a haircut.  Little did I know what Father had in mind with his perfect timing?  As Carol was cutting my hair we started talking about Eli.  She finished the cut. (A really good one I may add.) I walked out grabbed my last copy of Eli and showed it to her.  We decided the barter system worked well and I traded a copy for the hair cut.  Next I made a call on a ski hill here in town.   I then headed for Carlton.  I drove past Carlton Self-serve and just knew I had to turn around a go back.  I did not really need gas, but was hungry and thought she may just have a piece of pizza there.  All the time Father was setting up one of his “appointments.” 
                I drove into Carlton turned around and went back.  It was about a mile each way.  Those 4 minutes would prove critical to what Father was about to do.  I pulled back into the driveway of Carlton Self-Serve and filled up with Gas.   At the same time I was filling my car Theresa pulled in.  Did not say anything to her at that point but went about my business.  Carlton Self-serve in one of my retailers for Eli.  As we were standing at the counter paying for our gas we started talking.  I noticed her deep southern accent and asked what she was doing this far north when it is getting really cold.  She told me she was heading home to North Carolina that day.  She is a traveling nurse and her stint in this area was over.    I asked her if she like to read and received a total non-committal answer.  She asked me why I asked and I mentioned Eli.  I grabbed the last copy and showed it to her. Melissa the owner of the store mentioned she had read it and thought it was really good.  I also pointed out I was the author.  At that point she became excited and had me sign it for her husband.  I then asked her if I could pray for her.  You see, Theresa’s next assignment is in a prison out east.  The prayer was the reason for the roundabout trip to get there at the same time she arrived.  Selling Eli would be what would open the door to the time of prayer for one of our Fathers servants that he is sending out.  She will be in a place where people are hurting.  Where people know that have messed up and will be looking for answers.  And my new friend Theresa will be given answers for many of the people she will be dealing with. 
                So as you go out and the twists and turns seem strange that you’re being led on remember this.  Father has every step set to accomplish His purpose in our lives.  He will bring us to the people he needs us to be in contact with.  We just have to remember exactly who is in control and simply trust his leading.
Go in peace