Proverbs 3:5-6
                                                            Trust in the lord with all your heart
Trust in the lord. Ok so I have had a really, really, really bad day.  This morning it looked as though things were turning around. I went above and beyond to make things happen for a new business owner. Got the app. Turned it into underwriting and it was  put a hold on it.  As I looked at the app I see where I messed up. It’s a new business; I should have provided more info for them.  The worst thing is this. I felt Father tell me to take pictures of the building.  Inside and out. I did not do it. If I would have listened to what I was told the app would have been approved…   So what is Father trying to teach me?  #1 to listen. He does instruct. We don’t have to understand why he is telling us to do things, we just have to do them.  That’s where true trust comes in.  Remember this. Satan is going to throw all the power of hell to try to keep you from accomplishing what Father has for you to do.  He will take you income. He will throw every  distraction at you he can. The key is don’t give up. Don’t let him win. Keep following Fathers leading. You will win in the end.
Go in peace