Proverbs 3:5-6 
Trust in the lord with all your heart, lean not onto your own understanding and he will direct your paths.
Thursday was an interesting day.  Started like most days. Get up eat and shower.  I followed up on a case to make sure it got through underwriting alright.  Had to make a run to another town to make sure everything that needed to be done was.  After I went back to my office to follow up on some more things.  Saw my son.  Got wrapped up in a not so smart game of solitaire on my computer. Finally I called the office to make sure all was being completed the way it needed to be.  As I got in my car I was extremely frustrated.  I asked Father where I needed to be and felt Hinckley was where I needed to end up.  Had to make a stop in Carlton at a new restaurant to let them know I had things under control for something they needed.  Next I headed south.  However, I stopped to get gas  and realized I had a low tire.  Put air in the tire and got back on the road.  Was going to cut across country and pick up the freeway, was directed to taking the country roads all the way to where I was headed.  The road took me passed the little country Lutheran church I was raised in.  Saw a car there, turned around and went back.  An old classmate’s mother was there. Stopped had conversation with her.  Found out about her children, and then asked if I could pray for her.  I did.  Got in my car and drove down the road.  Saw customers in Moose Lake.  Then stopped at a restaurant in Willow River where I had been trying to get her to start using credit cards.  Stopped at another customer of mine to make sure all was going on the way it needed to with the product I sell.  I felt directed to the free way. I was driving by a gas station when I heard Father tell me to stop.  I went in to see the owner who was not there.  AS I walked out I saw a guy filling his truck with fuel.  We started talking, he was a realtor had no use for what I deal in.  I explained how I do business. He asked me if I had stopped by the local pub in town.  Told him I had and got no where.  He told me his Father owns it and he would get me in.  Gave me his card and told me to email him some rates.  Next I told him about the restaurant in town that I had stopped at. He told me it is  his sister who owns it and he will get me in there as well.  Then he sent me to sandstone.  His brother is a chiropractor.  Again I will save him some money.  I had a great deal of success on this day.  The key to the whole thing was following the directions that were given to me.  Each step.  One of the most important was the stop at the church to pray with Irene.  Father has a plan laid out for each of us.  He knows where he can use us and when for his purpose.  We must be willing to listen to his guiding in what he is leading us to do.
Go in peace