Proverbs 31:10-31 God’s design for moms

When our Father designed moms he took great care in his operation.  First he took time to carefully add just the right amount of “sugar” so she would be sweet and her kids would be drawn to her.  Then he had to add some daisies so she would look pretty to her little boys and girls the whole time they were growing up.  Third he added some steel so she could be “tough” when she had to lay down the law when those cute, sweet kids would take their eyes off of what Father intended and chose a path of rebellion.  When he created her heart he gave her one of compassion.  This was so when her Children would have things happen to them she would put her arms around them, hold them tight, and just tell them she loved them.  And last but far from least he gave her the Holy Spirit and with him the spirit of fun.  Moms have the ability to show kids how to have fun in such a creative way, they can literally take almost nothing and make a game out of it.  I was married to a woman such as this. Sharon I love you and miss you. 

All you kids out there remember to wish your mom a happy mom’s day