Proverbs 30:4-6
                                                                                Father’s word is unchangeable and pure.
The question for the day is this. What’s going on in your life?  Does it seem as though everything is happening at once.  Are the demands of people on your life causing you to ask “Where is God?”   My friends we are told this. Father’s word is unchangeable and pure.  We are also told it is a shield to those who trust him.  As I go through this life that Father has placed me in I keep coming back to the word.  What does his word say to us?   What wisdom has Father planted in his word that took 4,000 years to compile for situation such as this?  In big situations and small it works.  His truth will speak to the hearts and souls of men and women.    We are given guidance in every any area of our lives.  In some things we are given direct instructions on how we should conduct ourselves.  In others we are given in a more general sense of how Father by His Son through His Spirit instructions would have us handle the situation.  I encourage everyone to take those few moments in the morning with that first cup of coffee.  Just get into his word, let it permeate your entire being.  Spend a few more moments in prayer.  Then go forth into the battle ground that Father has placed you in to be a blessing to those around you.  As they see Fathers word alive in you they will be drawn to what make you the great person you are.  Father will open conversation that will touch their hearts and minds. 
Go in peace